From 05 to 07th April 2019

A weekend
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The Results of the Lab

Each project has succeeded in obtaining the support of an advisor who will accompany them to continue their project in the coming months.              
Thank you to the advisors for this great involvement!

The advisor will help them to challenge and evolve in their project during the coming months.

Best pitch goes to Foodies Good!

They will be able to pitch their project at the AI for Good conference next September.

The teams and their projects



Faced with the effects of the proliferation of green algae on the coast, how can we help local and regional authorities? (Challenge Green Cross Littoral)

Their solution:

A cloud of drones to prevent and treat the arrival of green algae

Their advisor:
Pierre-Antoine Beaudoin, NVIDIA

Sanag IA


How can we improve home hospitalization in response to the increase in the number of patients?

Their solution:

Sanag IA helps healthcare professionals strengthen their relationships with their patients by providing them with a dynamic and intelligent tour planning application.

Their advisor:
Marie Gayot, Onepoint



Do you know the cost of maintaining the French real estate stock of social landlords is? Around 10 billion euros.
How can this cost be reduced?

Their solution:

The Gabriel platform aims to accelerate the ecological transition by making the maintenance of the social landlords' housing stock more economically efficient.

Objectif Sang %


Blood Donation - How to increase the frequency of donations from existing donors and how to increase the number of new donors?

Their solution:

Objectif Sang % proposes to Etablissement Français du Sang to launch an app that increases donor engagement
by digitizing the registration process via AI, gamification and recognition.

UNICEF Programmatique #KnowYourData


Previsions are not generally aligned with actual expenses, wrong prioritization of actions and wrong planifications.

Their solution:

The solution:  #KnowYourData
Data Cleaning, Semantic Analysis, Validation of factors with Unicef, Injection Of Factors as new columns in Database, Revalidation of Dataset

Their advisor:
Hubert Chaminade, UNICEF

Foodies Good


Climate emergency and health - better eating for oneself and for the planet

Their solution:

Make the environmental impact of its food known to the consumer, with the modelling of the calculation of the impact via an app

Their advisor:
Pierre-Alain Raphan, Member of Parliament



UNICEF has a limited budget, yet it needs to be up to date on a particular news item that will influence donations

Their solution:

A "trend detector" tool that offers: indicator monitoring, customer segmentation and alert systems.

Their advisor:
Hubert Chaminade, UNICEF

AI Labs For Good

05 to 07 April 2019

With or without an idea, join or build a team during our Open Innovation weekend, AI Labs for Good, to accelerate a project: from 05 to 07 April 2019 in the center of Paris!

The AI Labs For Good is a unique opportunity to innovate as a team and find solutions to major societal issues, by using collaborative intelligence and ArtificiaI Intelligence! Whether you have an idea, a skill or you are simply motivated by the subject, come, discover and participate in the transformation of an idea into a concrete project.

And for anyone interested in "For Good" subjects and innovation such as AI technology: live an experience, explore the startup mindset and network with like-minded people.

The main themes

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The stakeholders can be:


Startups and Idea Bearer


And you?

various profiles are welcome to innovate together

(UX, UI...)
AI Experts
Social Entrepreneurs
Health Experts
Environmental Experts
Data Scientists
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A unique place to welcome you!

The AI Lab For Good will take place at Onepoint (29 Rue des Sablons, 75116 Paris) in the center of Paris. We believe that the environment is essential to encourage and facilitate innovation in collective intelligence.

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The prizes

Win the opportunity to participate to the AI for Good conference.

An opportunity to communicate on your investment for Good.

Win the opportunity to pitch on the AI For Good conference.

AI For Good

We want to put the actors of the European Artificial Intelligence ecosystem at the service of a better world: AI for Good.

The initiative, launched in April 2018 at the French Assemblée nationale with Cédric Villani and organized under the patronage of the Assemblée nationale President Francois de Rugy, is a global initiative gathering the European AI ecosystem to contribute with AI to positive impact projects.

We aim to put AI at the service of social innovation to support the digital transformation of the humanitarian field and find concrete solutions.

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