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Unite to act. We put actors of the ecosystem at the service of a better world.

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AI For Good

We want to put the actors of the European Artificial Intelligence (AI) ecosystem at the service of a better world:  AI for Good.

The initiative, launched in April 2018 at the French Assemblée nationale with Cédric Villani and organized under the patronage of the Assemblée nationale President Francois de Rugy, is a global initiative gathering the European AI ecosystem to contribute with AI to positive impact projects. We aim to put AI at the service of social innovation to support the digital transformation of the humanitarian field and find concrete solutions.

Our missions: unite, inform and act.

AI for Good Topics

Based on the 17 Objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, AI For Good is focused on three themes:



Our actions

Roadmap 2019

AI for Good benefits from a strong support from the french government and rallies all the european players: startups, researchers, research laboratories, major groups, investors… With our unique position, we are a part of Europe major events:

Our next ecosystem meetings

We have two main objectives: bring together ecosystem stakeholders through various events and support the developement of projects with positive impacts.
APRIL 5, 6, 7
& Startup Challenge
5,6,7 April 2019

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Quotes from AI For Good launch

We want to put the actors of the French artificial intelligence ecosystem at the service of a better world: the AI for Good. We believe that it is critical to raise awareness among AI experts about the concrete challenges faced by NGOs in the field. At the same time, NGOs must continue to be trained in the perspectives and opportunities offered by this technology.

Damien Gromier, Founder of AI For Good
CEO Startup Inside

AI FOR GOOD, the purpose of artificial intelligence has become to be humanity's helper by relieving it of tasks that are difficult (...) This combination of hard sciences and humanities is typical of what we need to be carried out through reflection and action in Artificial Intelligence.

Cédric Villani, Fields Medalist, Member of Parliament and Author of the National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence
Excerpt from the AI for Good conference

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